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Gabriela Francisco. Avid storyteller. Educator. Sunset Chaser. Poodle lover. Photographer. Beach walker.


What to do when you discover your marriage is a huge mistake.

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One year after the onset of the pandemic, we are all feeling pandemic fatigue.

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I left him when I was prepared.

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10 Possible Reasons Why They Vote for Trump

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Mental Health

Before one dies, strange things can happen.

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It may have stolen the memory of her daughter, but her love remained intact.

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Proud to say my father was a “sucker” and a “loser” in World War II.

© Author’s photo of Brig. Gen. Oscar Rialp

I am proud that my father was a “sucker” to join the military.


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At a time when lives depend on solidarity.

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The USA has never been more divisive since the Civil War.

Gabriela Francisco

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